We can receive artwork in a variety of ways, the file size of your artwork will likely dictate the best method to choose.


For files under 40mb in size we are able to accept these as email attachments, anything larger than 40mb, please look into the other options below.

Memory Sticks etc.

You can put your artwork onto a memory stick or other USB storage device, these can either be posted to us (we would recommend a recorded delivery) though we can’t guarantee to be able to return your memory stick. You could also drop by and deliver your artwork personally if you live near us (RH15 9TL).


We have our own WeTransfer account which can be used for sending artwork to us, you can send up to 200gb in one go which should be enough for most if not all projects.


We also have an FTP site.

Unless you have a dedicated FTP client (such as CyberDuck), the easiest way to access our FTP site using a Windows PC is though Windows Explorer. This is the application that lets you explore the files and folders on your computer, rather than Internet Explorer (or Chrome/Firefox) which lets you explore the web.
To access Windows Explorer, simply open “My Computer”.

To navigate to our FTP, type the address ftp://www.newmanthomson.co.uk in the bar at the top and press enter

ftp instructions

This will then ask you for the username and password, which ARE case sensitive as follows;

ftp instructions

Username : NTFTP

Please contact us for a password.

You can now copy and paste files to/from the FTP site, as you normally would within Windows.