If you’re a new client, we’ll need to set you up on our InSite system. This is used for handling artwork, and gives you more control and access to your artwork during the proofing stages.
You should receive an email confirming that you’ve been set up. Generally your username and password will be set up in the following (case sensitive) format. The password does need to be at least 4 letters, so in the example below for “Joe Bloggs”, the password would be “joeb”

Username : Firstname Surname (eg – Joseph Bloggs)
Password : firstname (eg – joseph)

Once we’ve set you up on the system, you should be able to access you area within InSite, which will allow you to create jobs and start uploading artwork to us.

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You only need to give the job a name for now. We’ll update this with our reference number later down the line, but it effectively just creates a folder into which your artwork is stored.

You’ll receive another email at this stage, stating that the “Job has been created”. You may get another one that states “Job has been moved to production”. This doesn’t mean we’re starting work on printing the job, it just makes the job on InSite a “live” job, so that our studio can see it in their work queue.

You can then begin uploading your artwork. Often our client will send us their artwork, and we’ll upload it for them. This is perfectly fine too – just speak to your account handler about how you want to do things. You’ll receive another email at this stage, letting you know that “Pages have been uploaded in job xxx”

Once everything is uploaded, it is important that you let your account manager know!

We’ll pass a works instruction on to our studio, and at this time they’ll begin work on ripping and imposing your artwork, so that it’s ready for our presses. A little while later (generally up to half a day), you should receive an email for the artwork you sent stating that ‘Pages are Ready for your Approval’.


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Within this email by clicking on the title of the job this should link to the login screen of our InSite system. Upon entering your username and password you should see a dashboard listing any live jobs you have with us at the time. If you click on the title of the relevant publication this will open on the Summary Tab (4 tabs to the right of the screen). Just below and to the right of the Job title you should see some buttons.



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To the left of the ‘Upload Files’ button are the 2 methods of checking the magazine. The first is ‘Preview’ which gives an e-magazine overview of the publication. This is useful for a cursory check in terms of making sure pages are in the correct order, and that new pages have been dropped in, etc. A global approval of the magazine can be performed by clicking the ‘Approve job’ button to the bottom right of the screen. The ‘Full Screen’ button in the top left gives an expanded view of the pages and there is also the facility of a magnification tool below the pages towards the centre of the screen.


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Smart Review

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The 2nd facility you can use is the ‘Smart Review’ function which gives a more detailed view of the job. A lot of sub windows will pop up on first opening this application but the only one you really need is ‘Page List’ so I would recommend closing all the others. There is a zoom function to the right of the screen and the hand icon will allow you to pan around the page.


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You can either approve the job page-by-page by using the green tick or the red cross at the top of the screen although this can be quite time consuming. I would recommend upon checking the pages going back to the ‘Summary’ screen and then selecting the ‘Pages’ tab.


You will then be presented with a series of thumbnails for each page. If the job is a ‘Clean Pass’ then you can click the ‘Select All’ button to the just above and to the right of the thumbnails which will highlight the pages in a blue colour.

The next step is to then click the ‘Approve’ button just below. If you are planning on rejecting and replacing certain pages you can scroll to the relevant thumbnail and ‘Deselect’ the appropriates page(s) which will then revert it back to a grey colour. You can then reject the incorrect pages by clicking the ‘Select’ text just below the appropriate thumbnail and then clicking the Reject button to the right. Replacement pages can then be sent to us by clicking on the ‘Upload files’ button.

Although we get notifications of approvals, rejections and uploading of pages it is always worth sending an email or giving us a call to make sure these actions aren’t missed. I know these instructions are quite long winded and may appear a bit daunting but the system itself is quite intuitive and you should get the hang of it quickly!

If you do have any problems please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or contact us here.