This model is 3D Printed in Rhodium Plated: Polished brass plated with Rhodium


3D printing users consider the technology to create plastic parts as its the most common kind of SLS 3D printing. In the case of plastic SLS 3D printing (as the one we do at Sculpteo), the raw material is polyamide (PA12), but you can find other kind of powders with properties that are different from polyamide. Alumide is in fact a combination of polyamide and aluminium. The aluminium is what gives the metallic appearance to the part and its strengh.

In other words, it bridges the quality of both polyamide and aluminium in a 3D print. Parts created in Alumide enjoys a good machinability, high temperature performances, a well-balanced ratio of density and stiffness  with a good dimensional accuracy.

  • Print from SD Card - yes

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