Creasing/Scoring There’s a few different ways to crease paper, but they all have the same principal. A metal edge is pressed into the paper to create an indent, which helps the paper fold without cracking. Many different items are creased – and we would strongly recommend creasing where any paper heavier than 200gsm is folded.

Perforating Perforations are small cuts or holes made in a line which let the paper be easily torn by the end user. Reply slips are the most common example, and these often appear on letters, leaflets and in booklets.


How to set up your artwork

[See our artwork guideline checklist for full details]

All the usual print ready PDF settings apply – we would just require the information of where to put the crease or perforation. It’s usually best to add this to your artwork in a colour that doesn’t print (not CMYK).

Place name cards