What is Wiro Binding?

Wiro binding, also known as spiral binding or ring binding, uses a plastic coated wire which is clamped through pre-punched holes on the binding edge of the document. The document is presented trimmed flush (rather than as folded sections), and put into a machine which punches the correct holes, places and clamps the wire closed in one movement.

Wiro binding is commonly used in notebooks and calendars, and often used in business documents such as reports. It gives a strong, neat bind and allows the pages to sit perfectly flat when open, albeit with a small gap for the wires. Wires are available in various sizes and colours to suit your project, although there is an upper limit to the number of pages which can be bound with this method. There are a few different styles of attaching a cover to a wiro bound document. The standard is to have heavier card for the front and back cover, possibly with a clear acetate sheet to protect the document. Variations on this include “half Canadian”, where the cover is printed as one item and the wires show through on the back cover, allowing for a flat spine. For wiro bound calendars, a thumb shaped cut can be made in the centre of the binding edge and a small metal loop affixed, allowing for easy hanging.

Wiro Binding